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Satanae - The Demonification of Anne Brown

A Story of Power, Lust, Betrayal and the Devil

Power cannot give you everything, yet a clan leader of a remote Scottish island believes it can.

Herbal healer Anne Brown is the most beautiful woman on the island. She soon finds out the hard way that beauty comes at a high price, when the tyrannical clan leader tries to pursue her. As punishment, Anne is accused of witchcraft after spurning his advances.

Fearing the wrath of the clan leader, her best friend and the rest of the community betray her at her witch trial. Her only ally is Father Joseph, a monk experienced in fighting dark forces however, he is powerless to help her.

Pushed over the razor thin line between good and evil, Anne accepts an offer from the Devil to seek revenge on those who have wronged her. 


Loved this book
Loved this book, well worth a read. I couldn't put it down.   Sara

Really enjoyed reading this book.
Great characters and story, a quick read for me but book did not insult my intelligence and I found the characters in the book very well portrayed. I read a lot of books but never usually leave reviews.
I will buy and look forward to reading the next book by Lloyd James.  Kindle customer

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