The Retreat Front Cover

The Retreat - Satanae Reborn

They came to write a horror story....but ended up living one

In 1649, three monks from a remote monastery in the Scottish islands find themselves confronting pure evil when they attemp to drive out a demonic spirit inhabiting the body of a beautiful young woman.  The woman did not set out to enter into a pact with the Devil, but evil has a supernatural ability when it comes to finding a toehold in the fractured morality of mankind.  Only the undiluted faith of the monks would be able to overcome such demonic power, though at a cruel price.

More than three hundred and fifty years later, on an isolated north sea island, Satanae is reborn and the Devil is again walking the earth clad in the form of a beautiful woman.  Hungry for blood and human flesh, she needs to make her way back to the human environment where her cravings can be met. Between her and her ungodly desires lies a vast expanse of open sea that she is powerless to cross.

Satanae is not alone on the island.  A small group of women writers have gathered there to seek inspiration by reading the words of their herione Mary Shelley and submerging themselves in the brutal winter isolation.  They may have got more inspiration than they had hoped for.